Saturday, November 17, 2012


You know that saying, God won't give you more than you can handle? Well, I must be the most pathetic baby Christian ever. This is what He's given me to handle:

  • loving parents who cared for my needs and raised me well
  • a husband who loves me and our children and who provides for our needs
  • a beautiful, large home
  • a van AND a car
  • four fabulous children who are smart, beautiful, and well behaved
  • a healthy family
  • access to quality health care the rare time we're not
  • plentiful food and clean water
  • a safe city with low crime and no war
  • a college degree so I could provide for my family if I needed to
  • enough money that I can stay home
  • freedom to worship Him as I choose
  • a wonderful church family
  • sisters who are my best friends
  • a great extended family
In fact, I can't think of one problem to complain about. Oh sure, my life isn't perfect, but it isn't a struggle. I've been so blessed.

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sarah said...

Love that perspective:) Sometimes it's so easy to forget:(